To: The United Nations (UN).

To: Mechanism of Experts for the Right of Indigenous Peoples

Thursday 14 July 2016

Item 8: Best practices and strategies for the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

FROM: Otomi Toltec Olmec Teotihuacan Elders and Wisdom Keepers of Mexico

SUBJECT: Urgently requesting support against ecocide, the violation of human rights, Indigenous Rights and the destruction of Cultural Heritage.

We are calling to the United Nations and the whole International Community to take urgent actions because of the authoritarism, discrimination and the systematic violation of the Indigenous Peoples Rights by the Mexican Gobenment, for which we are really concerned. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about a situation on the ground in an Indigenous Community, which endangers the cultural heritage, the identity, the language and the ancient wisdom of the Otomi Toltec People.

This is an emergency call and a complaint against Enrique Peña Nieto (President of Mexico) and Eruviel Ávila Villegas (Governor of the State of Mexico). They are imposing the construction of a railway and a private highway from Toluca to Mexico City (to benefit mainly to Higa Group owned by Juan Armando Hinojosa Cantú), cutting through a huge archeological zone where ancient Pyramids and Temples are buried under the earth which are sacred to the Indigenous Peoples and part of their cultural Heritage. One Pyramid and other sacred temples and basements, have already been destroyed in the Ceremony Center of Dongu between the towns of Lerma and Ocoyoacac. An ancient and sacred forest has also been destroyed and the springs greatly polluted. With unacceptable practices of discrimination, racism, corruption, repression and expropriation the Mexican Government is trying to impose another Private Highway (from Toluca Airport to Mexico City) and committing ecocide and ethnocide in Xochicuauhtla as well.

Also 3 month ago on the 11th of April, the government of Mexico, ordered a forceful invasion of the ancestral territory of the Otomi Toltec people in the Community of Xochicuauhtla. 1,000 police entered homes using teargas, led pipes, kicking and dragging the people evicting the Otomi Toltec People from their homes with great violence. They demolished homes of the indigenous people with bulldozers, leaving the people devastated and without shelter or any compensation.

  1. We demand that the Government stops this massif human rights violation towards the Otomi Toltec People and the environmental.
  2. We demand the immediate intervention of the UN and all national and international bodies to stop the police occupation and invasion by the Mexican government of the Otomi Toltec community of San Francisco Xochicuauhtla and this area of sacred temples pyramids and cultural heritage.
  3. We demand from the Mexican government, the final, immediate and unconditional cancellation of the Decree of Expropriation of 33.5 Hectares of the Sacred Forest of Xochicuauhtla. This was imposed illegally on the Otomi people, by the government, not honoring free-prior and informed consent.
  4. We demand the unconditional suspension of the highway toll from Toluca-Naucalpan, in Xochicuauhtla Territory, (by the Autovan Construction Company from Teya Society of the Higa Group) and the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the police force, bulldozers and staff of the construction company.
  5. We demand the UN and the International Community to put on their political agenda of any further interactions with the Mexican authorities, the violations such as mentioned above and the full implementation of the international conventions and treaties adopted and ratified by the Mexican Government[1].
  6. We demand the unconditional respect of all rights as indigenous peoples, particularly the rights to self-determination, sovereignty of our lands and territories, the free management of our environment, housing, social-, cultural- and spiritual traditions.

We want to live in peace, justice and dignity for all peoples and in perfect harmony with nature.

Thank you for your time and attention

International Committee in Solidarity of the Otomi Toltec People & Otomi Toltec Olmec Teotihuacan Elders and Wisdom Keepers

[1] a) the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the United Nations Organization (UN) in 2007;
b) the American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Organization of American States (OAS) in 2006;
c) Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries (ILO) in 1990;
d) Conventions, Treaties and International Agreements signed by Mexico to the UN Human Rights that protect and promote the collective rights of Indigenous Peoples;
e) The National Legislation and COCOPA Law on Indigenous Rights and Cultures of the Commission of Concord and Pacification approved by the Mexican Congress in 2006.


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