S.O.S. from the Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan People to the UN and the International Community


To the United Nations (UN) to the attention of Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

United Nations, New York, NY 10017 United States. 


To the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

Palais Wilson, CH 1211 Geneva, Switzerland


To the Secretary-General of the Office of Human Rights in New York City, Ivan Šimonović

OHCHR office in New York, United Nations Headquarters

New York, NY 10017 USA 


To the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Mexico

Alejandro Dumas 165, Colonia Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo, CP 11560, Mexico, DF


To the Committee of the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

Geneva, Switzerland


To the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

United Nations Secretariat Building, Room S-2954, New York, NY 10017, United States


To the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

Palais Wilson 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland Fax: +41 – 22 917 90 06 Email:

To the Mechanism of Experts on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples

Geneva, Switzerland


To the Organization of American States (OAS) with attention to the Secretary General Luis Almagro


Coordination of the Office of the Assistant Secretary General


To the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

1889 F Street NW. Washington, D.C., 20006 United States



To the International Labour Organization (ILO) with attention to Direcor General Guy Ryder

4 route des Morillons, CH-1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland. 


The International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA)

Classensgade 11 E. DK 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark.


To the United Nations on Education, Sciences and Culture Organization (UNESCO)

7 Place de Fontenoy 75732 Paris 07 SP France


To all human rights organizations and Indigenous Rights.

Indigenous peoples of Mexico and the World

To all Mexicans, peoples and governments of the world. To the International Communities.


This is an emergency call and complaint against Enrique Peña Nieto (President of Mexico) and Eruviel Ávila Villegas (Governor of the State of Mexico), both the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) controlled by oligarchic groups in a dictatorial, fascist and neoliberal manner. They seek to impose the construction of highways at all costs under the guise of so “called” legal, authoritarian and violent strategies. They commit ecocide and ethnocide against the Otomi people, affecting communities as Xochicuauhtla. Their sole purpose is to benefit a monopolistic political and economic mafia, linked to multinationals and corrupt Banks. They protect interests of friends and accomplices of the government, such as Juan Armando Hinojosa Cantú (Entrepreneur, owner of Higa Group, who is also involved in the global scandal of alleged tax evaders in Tax havens of “Panama Papers”). All of them, have declared to wage a kind of low intensity war, a terrorism inflicted by the government against the Otomi People. This is a neocolonial and discriminatory campaig with racist and violent actions, which constitute crimes against humanity.


All this flagrant violation of deliberately and systematically Mexican Law and International Law on Human Rights and Collective Rights of Indigenous Peoples. So we demand the prompt action of Organizations and International Tribunals for these bad leaders, that their illegal and illegitimate acts will not go unpunished, to be tried and punished along with its network of complicities that do not escape the action of Justice . And once again it is proved to the world that the violation of human rights are unacceptable, that there are no bad untouchables rulers and abuse of power against the people must be punished.

Girls, children, young, old, men and women of the Otomi people of the Central Region of Mexico (descendants of the Great Civilization and People Originating Tlatilca, cuicuilca, Olmec, Toltec and Teotihuacan), denounced the following facts:

During his last trip to Germany, Denmark and New York, it was once again evident before the International Community, the authoritarian and intolerant attitude of the President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto, of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Atlacomulco Group, to pretend to hide their racism and discrimination against Otomíes heritage. It is unconcealed and his perverse and sickly heart; it is impossible to conceal his corrupt and repressive face. His project Totalitarian State and Fascista is exposed; his evil dictatorial and despotic government is unmasked. It’s ecocide and genocide plan descara against indigenous peoples. It’s network of tissue complicities of corruption and impunity shows that Peña Nieto does not represent or defend the true interests of the peoples of Mexico; he has ever done, but only due to corrupt groups and private national and transnational interests it serves and protects.

While Peña Nieto was trying to deceive the world, the government and the German people, exalting with demagogy the importance of “protecting” the ancestral cultural heritage and “respect” we deserve the indigenous peoples of Mexico, during the exhibition “The Mayas: language beauty “in Berlin, Germany; at the same time he was ordering and launching a crackdown, one ethnocidal war and ethnocide against the Otomi village in the central region of Mexico, committing outrages and attacks, trampling laws and violating human rights and indigenous deliberate acts, which constitute serious crimes and crimes against humanity. All this with the complicity of the State of Mexico Governor Eruviel Ávila, who, to nobody’s secret unconditional favor their friends, partners and privileged oligarchic and monopolistic groups of the political and business class as Juan Armando  Hinojosa Cantú, owner Group Higa, a subsidiary of Constructora Autovan.

Monday 11 April 2016, the misrule of Ávila Villegas and Peña Nieto, as part of its discriminatory and neo-colonial war, again invaded the ancestral territory of the Otomi people in the Community of Xochicuauhtla, municipality of Lerma. By surprise, as at 9 am, they ordered their repressive forces with over 1,000 riot police assigned to the State Security Commission (ESC) and the forces of action and reaction (FAR), infiltrate on three fronts: by Colonia Buenavista, by Cuauhtemoc street to position themselves in the place Lapondishi Lampeni and the place where the Peace Camp and Digna Resistance which was destroyed by the police.

With premeditation, treachery and advantage, under the protection of state terrorism, evil Federal Government and the bad government of the State of Mexico, took the opportunity to protect the introduction of bulldozers type heavy machinery with personnel from the Autovan Constructora unknown origin of Teya Group Higa, with the slogan of destroying houses, raping Mother Nature and sweeping away everything in its path, to impose a Private Highway Juan Rodolfo Cantu Hinojosa.

As an act of solidarity emergency, about 25 neighbors banded together to defend the family of Armando García Salazar, Chief Leader of the Otomi Community, in an attempt to prevent your home -a part his whole life was raided and sullied. Hitmen racist Eruviel Ávila and his boss Enrique Peña came only to fulfill the order, evict the Otomi with great violence, mostly women and children-grandmothers. The grenadiers entered the family property by forcing the plate and smashing the door with tubes and firing tear gas into the house, kicking, dragging, pushing and pulling Isabel Hernandez, traditional authority and member of the Indigenous Supreme Council, who at that time had a girl in his arms.

The bad state government intimidation and illegally just sent a guy who said his name was Luis Enrique Garcia, the area of Communications and Transport, to say the house was in a federal area expropriated and showed a copy of the expropriation decree on which he won an injunction.

This genocidal, humiliating et outrageous act that violates our inalienable, inalienable and nontransferable right to self-determination and autonomy Otomi, in clear violation of international treaties on collective rights of indigenous peoples; and the final suspension to the shelters 1123/2015 and 771/2015 which won the community that were granted on February 18, 2016 in an amparo promoted in the Fifth District Court based in the State of Mexico against Expropriation Decree 2015 of 33.5 hectares of sacred lands Otomi, by the genocide and ethnocide Enrique Peña Nieto.

The Otomi Community of Xochicuautla, is located at 2803 above sea level, supplies water to the District of Lerma and the Federal District, lives in contact with the mountain and in harmony with Mother Nature. He has been giving a heroic and dignified struggle for almost 10 years, opposing the company Autovan S.A.deC.V. Teya unknown origin of the Higa Group, against the construction of Private Naucalpan-Toluca highway, which is a snake pavement planting his death in its wake. On 17 June 2015 the company Autovan again lambasted the Otomi Community, with its water and its Sacred Forest. Despite being a protected ecological Otomi-Mexica State Park Natural Area, misrule endorsed the death of thousands of trees and the involvement of Biodiversity Mountain. The Otomi Forest is the last redoubt unimproved, the last lunge of oxygen between urban sprawl of Mexico and Toluca Valley. At that time he had already destroyed more than 12 kilometers of forest and now intended to curtail the residential area, destroying several houses at the time.


On April 11, 2016, the bad government sent police again to continue sowing the abuse and destruction of our land, despite the injunction granted by the Court.


President Enrique Peña and Governor Eruviel Ávila have no dignity, now to justify, intended to confuse public opinion by saying that his actions ecocide and genocide are completely legal, when only have dedicated themselves to threaten, divide and corrupt the representatives of the Council Real Comunales, betraying the dignity and will of the whole Community.


Misrule says that the expropriation of our lands and territories, the destruction of our homes and police repression are under the law, when in fact this is a crime against humanity, is abuse of power, is invasion, robbery and flagrant violation of our basic right to exist, to be, to live with Peace, Justice and Dignity.


These rulers claim that everything is in order, when they are using deliberate acts of racism and discrimination and are implementing a deliberate war extermination and neocolonial against our people, killing thousands of trees, hundreds of species of plants and animals, desecrating our sacred natural sites and cultural.


These unworthy rulers all they want is to fulfill the agreements with multinational shady and dishonest businessmen. So they want to impose this highway projects such as death. It is clear that they do not care to protect the Nature Made, the environment means or climate change. They do not care exterminate an entire people, do they care to trample the Mexican Constitution or violate international treaties on the protection and defense of the rights of Indigenous Peoples. Only show that they are arrogant, authoritarian, without morals or principles. Act as vile criminals and corrupt. Only they want to use the government machinery to enrich a few and please their friends as Juan Armando Hinojosa Cantú  of Higa Group.


With tactics of division and cooptation of bad government has tried to impose its rules, saying that communal land is only 884 inhabitants and not the entire community -around 2800-, indivisible and integral part of the territory of the Otomi village with tradition collective and unity. For us the land is sacred, it is life, is our mother fed us, and not be bought or sold.


Bad government has violated our self-determination and autonomy as indigenous peoples, and our right to free, prior and informed consultation on this project, which we disagree and we totally reject, by all the vices of consent for acts of malice, premeditation and advantage of the bad leaders and entrepreneurs Higa Group, who are presumed to have triangulated sums of money with which the bad government of the State of Mexico, with premeditation, treachery and plus- has sought to take advantage of poverty people, has deceived, bribed and pressured some local representatives to enter complicity and dcon vices of consent granting land behind the community against the will of the Otomi people, which constitutes a flagrant violation of our right to a truly free, prior and informed consultation. We do not auerdo we imposed projects affect us, we defend our right to autonomy and self-determination as a people.


This genocidal, humiliating outrageous act that violates our inalienable, inalienable and nontransferable right to self-determination and autonomy Otomi, in clear violation of international treaties on collective rights of indigenous peoples. This action also violates the order definitively to the shelters 1123/2015 and 771/2015 against Expropriation Decree 2015 of 33.5 hectares of land sacred Otomi suspension by President Enrique Peña Nieto, who won the community orders that were granted on February 18, 2016 in an amparo promoted in the Fifth District Court of the State of Mexico.


We demand justice! The responsible for these crimes must be judged, they must pay for every abuse of power, every affront, for each of the crimes committed by the evil President Enrique Peña Nieto and evil Governor of the State of Mexico Eruviel Ávila , against Mother Nature, against the Otomi people and against humanity. They will pay for each of the crimes committed, for every flagrant act of barbarism which are directly responsible. Every house destroyed by police brutality and exterminators bulldozers, every butchered land and severed with alleged impunity for corrupt, every racist and discriminatory expropriation, each uprooted plant, every polluted river, every dead spring, each tree cut down and killed, every place and corner our Forest Sacred desecrated, every child traumatized by the acts of terror of these evil gobernanes, every grandmother and grandfather assaulted, every young man and denigrated women and humiliated, each of our rights trampled upon and violated, constuyen acts of ecocide and genocide must be punished by the courts and by the entire international community.


Therefore we send this SOS from the Otomi-Toltec-Olmec-Teotihuacan People, asking for urgent solidarity and support to the entire international community. Honestos of all governments, democratic and progressive; Conscious Peoples of the World; all Indigenous Nations of the Four Directions:


  1. We demand the immediate intervention of the United Nations Organization, to all national and international bodies to stop the police occupation and invasion of our, high state of siege, harassment, war of extermination, ecocide, genocide and crimes sacred territories against humanity committed by the Mexican government against our Otomi people and their communities as San Francisco Xochicuauhtla, municipality of Lerma, State of Mexico.


  1. We urge the United Nations and the Mexican government, the immediate application of international and national legislation on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples respect for our inalienable and indispensable to our Self-Determination as Peoples Law (under the law international) and as an expression of this territorial, administrative autonomy, our right to free, prior and informed consultation on any project on our lands and territories. We defend our inalienable right as Indigenous Peoples to decide our own path and historical destiny.


  1. We demand the Mexican government, the final, immediate and unconditional cancellation of the Decree of Expropriation of 33.5 Hectares Sacred Xochicuauhtla Territory, and all the Otomi people, imposed illegally and illegitimately by evil fascist and racist government of Enrique Peña Nieto and Eruviel Avila Villegas.La immediate, total and unconditional suspension of the toll highway Toluca-Naucalpan, in Xochicuauhtla Territory and all the Otomi people, by the Autovan Constructora Teya unknown origin of the Higa Group. The immediate, total and unconditional withdrawal of the police force, bulldozers and staff of the company.



  1. We demand the immediate resignation of Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico and evil Eruviel Ávila. Mal Governor of Mexico, being directly responsible for ecocide and genocidal war, using state terrorism; by systematic violence, by the series environmental crimes in the Otomi Territory, for grave violations against Mother Nature, a Human Rights and Collective Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which constitute crimes against humanity committed by against the Otomi people and the Indigenous peoples of Mexico.


  1. We demand the UN, UNESCO, ILO, OAS and the International Community to the Mexican government (executive, legislative and judicial branches of the Federal Government and the Government of the State of Mexico), precautionary measures for the implementation, full force, immediate unconditional respect and implementation of international conventions and treaties adopted and ratified by the Mexican Government as:


  1. a) the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the United Nations Organization (UN) in 2007;


  1. b) the American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Organization of American States (OAS) in 2006;


  1. c) Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries (ILO) in 1990;


  1. d) Conventions, Treaties and International Agreements signed by Mexico to the UN Human Rights that protect and promote the collective rights of Indigenous Peoples;


  1. e) also to the National Legislation and Law of Indigenous Rights and Cultures of Concord and Pacification Commission and the Mexican Congress in 2006.


  1. We urge all international tribunals and organizations Protection and Defense of Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples, an immediate response and effective action to prosecute and punish all violations of human rights, ethnocide, ethnocide, state terrorism and crimes against humanity against the Otomi people and Indigenous Peoples committed by Enrique Peña Nieto (President of Mexico), Eruviel Ávila (Governor of the State of Mexico) and Juan Armando Hinojosa Cantu (owner Higa Group) and all its network of complicities involved in their criminal acts that the whole world must react now and avoid longer.


We appreciate the immediate solidarity with the Otomi people, respect and full exercise of their right to self-determination and as an expression of this, the Political Autonomy, Territorial and Cultural inalienable; by respect for all its historical and collective rights, to defend the integrity of their ancestral lands and territories, to have a healthy environment, water, life and peace.


Let us all honest peoples and governments of the world against impunity, authoritarianism, despotism and crimes of those who now govern Mexico ill for nearly a century, heirs of the genocidal invaders, slavers and colonizers ago.


Let justice be done to give a lesson to those who have trampled the laws and invincible monarchs are created. Today has reached the Final of Silence, the people have woken up and say enough! We will not yield, we will not stop, do not give up. Today more than ever defend our inalienable right to dignity, justice and self-determination and as an expression of this to the Territorial Autonomy, Political, Administrative and Cultural. Today we are here to defend Mother Earth, Water, Life for Peace Active Nonviolent, and give life also if necessary, as did our -close ancestors of 80,000 indigenous libertarians mostly Otomi) who along with Miguel Hidalgo defeated the invaders, colonizers and oppressors Realists in the Battle of Monte de las Cruces.


Today Higa Group, the misrule of Eruviel Avila, his boss Peña Nieto and the oligarchs groups they serve, represent the new invaders, settlers neo, modern encomenderos. Our Pueblos Unidos, keeping alive the memory of our history, with a Collective Consciousness, organized and permanent mobilization Action shall overcome again and defeat ecocidal modern conquerors and genocidal, political groups and corrupt and genocidal necoloniales. We are first in time first in right, the right is us, we have the strength. The people united will never be defeated. The Conscious People will not surrender or sold. The Guardians Peoples of Mother Earth, and we love that our forests are respected and Sacred Mountains, our Waters of Life and ancestral territories.


We fight without rest to succeed, for our children, for our young, old, men and women. All united as our great heroes Otomi as Ontontecuhtli, Tlahuicole, ‘Botzanga, Conin, Juan de la Cruz Saturnino Jimenez, Joaquin Aguero and many more whom we should mention and honor as Guardians of Forestry and Water Defenders of the Land and Terrotorios Sacred Otomíes . Those who still live in our heads high, those who walk in freedom, those who fight for their children and grandchildren, who walk with dignity and honesty, those who are determined and firm in defending their people and their descendants.


Great we are as great were our ancestors Otomies lineage Tlatilca, cuicuilca, Xiquipilca, Olmec, Toltec, Teotihuacan, are the original people of this land, we are first in time first in right, our ancestors defended these territories and we will continue to do for honoring the next seven generations.

Otomi Toltec Indian Nation & International Commitee in Solidarity of the Otomi Toltec Olmec Teotihuacan People

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