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Open Letter to the President of the Mexican Republic
To the Indigenous Peoples, First Nations of Mexico
To the Peoples of Plurinational Mexico
August 13, 2021

Through our voice speak the voiceless, the scorned of yesterday and the excluded of always. Before the commemorative acts to the 500 Years of the Fall of Tenochtitlan, we call on your heart to open up, really feel our historical demands and you really listen to the deepest demands of our peoples.

It is fair and necessary to recognize that our indigenous nations are the oldest inhabitants and guardians of these ancestral lands and sacred territories -now called the United States of Mexico and the American Continent- where our great civilizations flourish, cultural heritage with contributions education, philosophy , arts and sciences -including natural health and ancestral medicine-, a spiritual development based on love and respect for Mother Earth and all beings.

In 1521, the Spanish and Europeans continued a war of invasion, domination and extermination, begun in 1492; For five centuries, the indigenous nations have been oppressed, subjected to a process of invasion, colonization and slavery, which continues until today in 2021; The neocolonial and feudal socio-political, economic and cultural system has been modernized, with archaic structures, repressive apparatuses and unjust models of the monocratic, racist, discriminatory and exclusive Nation States.

The Indigenous Nations lost millions of lives -almost 100 million- in 300 years of the colonial regime with its epidemics and bacteriological weapons (lice, smallpox, measles, typhoid).

We fought to free ourselves from the Spanish yoke (the First Mafia in power) and we offered our blood in 1810 and won decisive battles for the triumph of the Movement, such as the Monte de las Cruces with more than 80 thousand Otomíes, Mazahuas, Matlazincas, Tlahuicas, Purepechas.

Independence -with its promises of justice and the abolition of slavery- was not for our indigenous nations, who only changed masters and exploiters, the new elite, the ruling class -conservatives, liberals, creoles and mestizos- and the Catholic Hierarchy (the Second Mafia in Power) who erased with a stroke of the pen the existence of our Indigenous Nations, we did not achieve our self-determination or sovereignty; on the contrary, the Republic of Indians disappeared and with Reform Laws such as the Law of Confiscation of Rustic and Urban Farms Owned by Civil and Ecclesiastical Corporations or the Lerdo Law in 1856, the “first class Mexicans”, the “divine caste”, were They distributed all our lands and territories, becoming the new latifundistas and we continued as slaves on their estates.

We rose again to recover our Land and Freedom in the 1910 Revolution, in the end we were only cannon fodder, we did not recover our historical rights as indigenous nations; the “Revolutionary Family” and the new elite (the Third Mafia in Power) for almost 100 years, with their criminal indigenist policies, ethnocentric plans and paternalistic programs, did everything to de-Indianize and Mexicanize us, assimilate us and integrate us into their so-called progress and development ; and consolidate its project of a “single and indivisible nation”.

Our liberation struggles for decolonization and the exercise of our collective and historical rights have been permanent for five centuries of uprisings, mobilizations and actions, especially with non-violent active peace initiatives. Despite the constant violence and repression of the Nation States and their Governments, the movements have been strengthened and reunited in the last decades, such as the one expressed in the Continental Movement of 500 Years of Indigenous, Black and Popular Resistance, and the local Movements, assemblies, congresses, pacts, forums and meetings, with evidence in declarations and pronouncements of our Nations, Peoples and Indigenous Organizations about what we want and where we are going.

Fight firmly in the universal context and in accordance with International Law, for the recognition, respect, and full exercise of our inalienable, non-transferable inalienable right to Free Determination, Self-government, Internal Sovereignty, Political, Territorial, Administrative, Cultural and Spiritual Autonomy.

Neo-colonialism, the neo-conquering and discriminatory attitude of the Mexican State continued to trample on the rights of our First Nations. On October 12, 1992, the Salinas regime and Congress at the service of the Mafia in power, only limited themselves to recognizing us on paper, but more interested in maintaining the “single and indivisible nation”; in 1996 with the zedillimo, he limited himself to signing minimal agreements – although not negligible – but which did not reflect real demands and aspirations; also knowing that they were not going to be applied. The same happened with Foxism, with premeditation, treachery and complicity of PRIANRDismo in 2001, congress and the mafia government approved a Reform that betrayed and ignored the San Andrés Accords, of the Indigenous Peoples and Organizations. With calderonismo and peñismo, the only thing that happened like the previous ones was disdain and violation of our rights; one concessioning the sacred territories for the mining companies such as in Wirikuta and another concessioning the waters and more territories to the detriment of our peoples, such as the license of the Higa Group to repress in Xochicuauhtla, impose the Guadalajara-Mexico City Highway, regardless of the destruction of the archaeological zones and the ecocide in the Marquesa Ñähñu.

The Indigenous Nations have continued on the battlefield, that is why we join the democratic and peaceful movements and fronts in the country, despite the downfalls of systems, corporatism and fraud as in 1988, 1994, 2000, 2006, 2012. And the Indigenous Nations, with courageous dignity, conscious and determined by the promise of First Indigenous Peoples, also added to the 30.11 million votes in favor of Hope and True Change in 2018. We sincerely believed in your project of the Fourth Transformation and we thought that the defeat of PRIANRDismo at the polls was the end of the era of the Mafias in power.

By the way, on August 13, 2018 with a fraternal spirit, of unity, of contributing and building together, as part of the Peoples that we triumph, and with the idea of together advancing in the formation of a true team of true democrats, vanguardists, nationalists , patriotic and just; We sent him a document with 9 proposals, proposals and demands. Which in summary was:

1. New Constituent Congress, New Constitution and recognition of the Free Determination of our Indigenous Peoples as the First Nations of Mexico.

2. Model of a Plurinational, Pluricultural and Plurilingual Mexican State, where the First Nations are also the Government and part of the Federal Pact.

3. Emergent Plan for the political, legal, sociocultural and total Decolonization of Mexico, where our Original Nations are recognized, honored and respected as the First Nations that gave origin to Mexico.

4. Political, Administrative and Territorial Sovereignty. The compaction and demarcation of our ancestral lands and territories is urgent. Likewise, the Control, Protection and Defense of our Natural Resources, Territories, Education Model, Historical, Archaeological and Cultural Heritage by ourselves.

5. Creation of Free and Sovereign Indigenous States or Regions of Indigenous Peoples, in accordance with our Territories and indigenous ethnic, historical, linguistic, cultural geography. so that the First Nations of Mexico can really exercise Power (Free Determination) in our territories and Regions.
6. Representation in High Level Positions in all Power Bodies (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) and Government (Municipal, State and Federal Public Administration); Embassies of the Five Continents, Consulates, as well as first-level diplomatic missions at the UN, OAS and International Forums.
7. Support to finance and promote our own models of Indigenous Ancestral Education and the creation of our own Schools and Universities such as our Autonomous University of Indigenous Ancestral Wisdom project, which will have as Teachers our Elders Wise and Great Guardian Teachers of Indigenous Tradition. Likewise, Centers and Institute of Indigenous Health and Ancestral Medicine such as our project of Autonomous Institute of Ancestral Medicine and Indigenous Therapies.

8. WE ASK you, Mr. President Elect of the Republic, for your support and intervention to prevent the destruction of our Mother Earth, Biodiversity, its Ecosystems, all Living Beings and our Habitat. We fight for the Earth, for Life, for Peace, for our SURVIVAL, therefore we call on your Conscious Government and Defender of Nature to avoid the affectation of our Indigenous Lands and Territories, to avoid the systematic violation of our Rights as Indigenous Peoples. for supposed Causes of Public Utility and on behalf of the supposed development, modernity and progress. We want to stop all kinds of Expropriations of our lands (whether municipal, private, communal or ejidal) and territories and voracious Destruction of all our Sacred Natural and Cultural Sites for the construction of Industrial, Tourist, Recreational or Communication Roads Megaprojects as the case of Airports, Highways, Railways, Dams, Ports, Housing Fractions, Water Privatization, Forests, Jungles, Mineral Extraction and Petrera Zones, which for us takes care of our healthy environment, our culture; it also represents more neocolonialism, more invasion, more dispossession, more pollution, more ethnocide and more ecocide.

9. Recovery of Our Archaeological Sites, Ceremonial Centers and Sacred Natural and Cultural Places. Specific case, we ask for the immediate, total and unconditional return of the Otomí Ceremonial Center, Temoaya, State of Mexico, to its legitimate owner and true builder, the Otomi Nation and all its regions and communities. Outside the CONADE, IMCUFIDE, CEPANAF and CMB.

Mr. President, this letter was sent to you at your office, on August 13, 2018. We hope that now you have real knowledge, for attention and response. Since, after 3 years, we had no response, he was ignored along with his signers and without the right to a hearing, this is not right; We feel that we will not be discriminated against, excluded, or disdained by your Government and corresponding offices. Because we never believed that the so-called Revolution was going to do us justice. We still hope that the 4T will do justice to all the Peoples.

Given the latest events, the decisions made in the last three years, the promotion, financing and imposition of Megaprojects of Death, ecocidal and ethnocidal such as the misnamed Mayan Train – together with the Solar Farms, Port, Light Train, Bridge, Airport in Tulum, housing developments and commercial corridors-, Transítsmico Corridor, Huexca Thermoelectric, Zinacantepec-Airport Light Rail, Highways, Airports, Refineries and more. We do not see anywhere that the right of our peoples to the integrity of their lands and territories is respected, on the contrary, with deception, pressure, manipulation, false promises and fictitious consultations, with the hand on the waist your government has violated The Right to Free, Prior, Informed and Culturally Appropriate Consultation. How long has a government here ordered the elders or priests to go and ask Mother Earth for permission, to sully, deforest, pollute her and hand her over to outside interests? Why impose governmental decisions so that our peoples and communities are affected and their rights violated?

Until when will governments understand that Mother Earth is a Living Being and that she has rights? that we do not own them, that we are part of it. Do Indigenous Peoples Really Come First for You? Then give them back their lands and territories that have been dispossessed for five centuries, instead of you continuing with the invasion, the neocolonial rule with the destruction of Mother Nature, the cultural disintegration, atomization and disintegration of our peoples. They are cutting down, destroying mountains and forests, they are condemning animals and birds, they are selling racist progress, discriminatory development, welfare in the manner of transnational corporations, new elites and benefiting neoliberal companies; promoting a rapacious and slave-owning tourist industry. Why ask for forgiveness and then cause the same crimes and damages as Cortés, Sandoval, Torquemada and Diego de Landa?

What it is doing is denying the peoples their ability to decide and govern themselves, to put the sacred lands and territories at the service and at the mercy of magnates, corporations, investors, real estate companies, construction companies, monopolies, industrialists, even military and police – whose structures are rewarded, when they have historically been enemy forces, executioners, repressors and exterminators of our peoples-; Now they continue to be the friends and darlings of the new regime, like the new bosses, landowners, masters and lords of the indigenous territories. It is killing the culture of love and respect for Mother Earth; expelling communities, using them as cheap labor; causing excessive speculation and imposing an alien life model. And those who do not agree with these Megaprojects have suffered persecution, pressure and threats; their honest leaders and defenders have been attacked, discriminated, and even killed .

Stop now those monstrous and aberrant works that the Indigenous Peoples have fought for centuries; stop those ethnocidal and ecocidal projects that are violating our Free Determination and Autonomy. Why do you insist on building those refineries and don’t look for other alternatives with the use of clean and non-polluting energy? What they call oil is the blood of our ancestors. Those who call minerals are the bones of our Mother Earth. Why that Airport in the City that has desecrated our sacred territories? Why do megaprojects continue, as in the Peninsula, which poisonous snake is causing irreversible damage? Do you know that in the past the peoples rebelled against injustice, to stop the approvals, the insults and similar humiliating works? Do you remember that our wise men, women and men, children, young and old aspire to be free, to live upright, with dignity, healthy and happy? Why are our First Nations being harassed, taken from them, invading their homes and dividing their communities? Why do the rulers not respect the peoples and with neocolonial laws, imposed norms, resources and budgets used arbitrarily, impose projects, give concessions and decide against the natives, the natives, the indigenous? Why do foreigners and elites feel like owners of these lands -with the status of federal zones, private properties-, even if they have documents, if for five centuries these have been the result of what was stolen, taken away, invaded and looted by their Spanish and European ancestors and the power mafias of yesterday and today?

Finally, it is incredible that the Mexican government, as since 1992 with the PRIANRDista mafia in power, proposes only superficial changes and make-up to the Magna Carta. It is not necessary that the Mexican Peoples offer more lives to force the State for a New Constituent and a New Constitution. The reforms of the past, such as the one now to recognize indigenous rights, do not and will not work with outdated, unjust and contradictory laws of the old colonial regime, how can we settle for temporary patches and reforms to the Constitution that remain as a dead letter? How can we believe that our Free Determination and Autonomy will now be recognized, with this racist and discriminatory legal system in force? That even to judge former presidents, one has to ask the people to apply the law to the great corrupt, criminals and white-collar criminals. If the government cannot fight corruption, end the vices of the past and do historical justice to our peoples, with laws in force, then it is time to change them completely. You have said and promised, a true change and a real transformation of the country, but not at the cost of perpetuating the systematic and structural violence against our indigenous nations. Not to reformism, not to the change of skin as the Mafias in power have done. Today we demand again the re-founding of the Mexican State, not a new betrayal and ignorance of our rights and historical demands. We do not need other movements like those of 1810 or 1910 to force the Peoples to free themselves from the neo-colonial yoke, injustices, and oppression that continues to this day. In 2018 the People voted for a true change, Justice, Democracy, Respect and Freedom for our Peoples, no more lies or false promises. Mr. President, let’s move on to a New Debate and Social Pact, let’s convene the Constituent Congress and New Constitution, as soon as possible!

Mr. President, you decide if you change the course of history or prefer to be another neo colonizer, neo conqueror, neo invader and perpetuator of slavery, offenses and affectations against our Indigenous Peoples. No more another Mafia in power or new voracious, arrogant and intolerant elites. Yes to True Change, but to free our First Nations, to be free and sovereign. May the blessed 4T truly respect the rights of all our Indigenous Peoples and leave them alone. They are not mass of votes, nor tourist curiosities, nor decoration for official government events. Free Determination, Restitution of Territories and return to the Indigenous Nations of everything stolen by the Governments and Power Mafias.


* Respect for our Free Determination as Peoples in accordance with International Law.

* Indigenous Peoples are First in Time and First in Law. Mexico is not a single nation, but a Federations of Peoples, a Plurinational Republic.

* The First Nations of Mexico are the result of a process of Invasion (Military, Territorial), Domination and Colonization, which continue.

* It is urgent to fundamentally transform the outdated Structures of the current Mexican State (Neocolonial, Racist and Discriminatory)

* The political, legal, sociocultural decolonization of Mexico is urgently needed

* End of the Match System. End to colonial and neocolonial indigenism. Real representation of the Indigenous Nations in all the Bodies of Power (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) and of Government (Municipal, State and Federal)

* Free Determination (Internal Sovereignty, Political, Administrative and Territorial Autonomy)

* We have the right to Decide our own Path and Historical Destination

* There is an urgent need for a new Legal Order appropriate to the Ethnic, Cultural and Linguistic Plurality of Mexico, which responds to the legitimate interest of our peoples for a True Representative, Democratic and Popular Republic.

* We demand a New Federal Pact, a new Agreement that leads to a Constituent Congress and a New Constitution. Refound the Mexican State.

* A Model of a Plurinational, Pluricultural and Plurilingual Mexican State

* We demand that the Mexican State recognize Indigenous Peoples as Free and Sovereign Peoples, inclusion in the political division of the country, and consider ourselves as integral parts of the Federation.

* We Indigenous Peoples demand respect for the integrity of our lands and territories, no for megaprojects, stop dispossession, invasions and neocolonial actions against us. Landless First Nations are doomed to die.

* Right as Indigenous Peoples to our Natural Health Systems and Indigenous Ancestral Medical Sciences. Not to the destruction of our natural defenses and innate immune systems. No to the imposition of plandemics and unethical experiments, we are not guinea pigs, stop vaccines and medicines, multimillion dollar businesses of transnational corporations and corrupt governments, coupled with the risks and side effects are alarming; stop biological weapons. No to the control of our biometric data, genome and our right to be free, to choose and to Live Well. That the Mexican Government is not prostrated to the harmful, commercial interests and genocidal plans of the Global Power Mafias.

Cancellation and closure of the entire industry of junk, refined and deadly products, junk food, cloned, with zero nutritional content, with preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, poison drinks, medicines, chemicals, toxins, industrial soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, narcotics, GMOs, hormones, pesticides and herbicides. Which are the cause of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, obesity, blindness, cirrhosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, thrombosis, etc.

Never again will the Mexican State and the Abya Yala Continent without its First Nations!



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